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‘Standing Against Elder Abuse’ is A short video by Reaping Hope to mark the 9th World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2014.

Elder abuse is a major problem today, not just because of its severity but also because most of these cases are hidden. A large number of senior citizens face abuse everyday either one way or the other. And most of the abusers are none other than their own family members. The voices of senior citizens are not heard because they are unable to stand up on their own and now it’s time we raise our voices against elder abuse. This is a call to all youths to unite and stand against elder abuse, a request to initiate small steps to minimize abuse happening daily, knowingly or unknowingly. Know that your parents/grandparents and any other senior citizens are an important part of the society and help them live a dignified life in their golden years.



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Reaping Hope has been publishing monthly e-newsletter titled “Standing Against Elder Abuse” on every second week on the month. Kindly find latest issue of the e-newsletter, click the image to get full e-newsletter, or follow the given link,

This is the November, 2012 issue of Standing Against Elder Abuse produced by Reaping Hope. Please find the e-newsletter by clicking the above picture or follow the link

We almost forgot to post October, 2012 issue of Standing Against Elder Abuse. Please find full e-newsletter by clicking the above picture or following the link:

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