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In this 21st century money, technology and beautification products have contributed actively in reversing our ageing process. Advertisement campaigns and beautification products mostly target women as their main audience. Maybe women are easily influenced by marketing gimmicks than men? Or they are trying to reinforce the patriarchal believes that dictates `women always to remain fair, young and beautiful’ than their better halves. Even when a male is dark as a night he expects a snow white lady as his bride. Maybe this competition has motivated women to at least try to be fair on face value, exposing their natural skin colour around the neck, legs or arms. Many women globally, spend resources, time and energy on smoothing away the wrinkles, readjusting the body fats and enlarging lips and the list goes on. Whenever I see advertisements that claim surgical interventions to enhancing beauty, and curing all maladies faced by women, I get disheartened. I see many women falling into this marketing trap. Many have ruined their health and have become poorer by not believing in themselves.In the competition to remain young forever, our better halves are also not too far behind. Although, I must say, that our counterparts have a balanced outlook by limiting themselves to building six packs, some are into enhancing their fairness through creams and attract lady love by spraying loads of perfume. Learning to age gracefully is an art that commands acceptance of circle of life but unfortunately many of us try to sabotage this part of our life by remaining competitively yours in the quest for eternal beauty. Nonetheless, there are many who do not dye their hair when the greying starts but love to have it silver white and look elegant.

Personally speaking, I cannot wait to be old, because it brings wisdom and experiences that no beauty products can buy. For some of us, we are blessed with good genes, healthy diet, complimented with vegetables, fruits and lots of water. If we understand the mantra of eat, sleep, walk, and pray (optional), we will remain young forever and do not need any anti-wrinkle creams nor surgical procedures to cover the age lines.

By sharing my opinion I would commend all women and men who have embraced ageing gracefully and living a dignified life despite the health problems that often accompany old age. I respect their decision to enjoy the benefits of retired life with dignity. I will always cherish our elders’ contribution in shaping our lives with their unconditional love, dedication, and commitment. Now it is time that we respect their rights and privileges to ease their burdens of old age.

Source: Himalayan News Service, November 27, 2012


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