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‘Standing Against Elder Abuse’ is A short video by Reaping Hope to mark the 9th World Elder Abuse Awareness Day 2014.

Elder abuse is a major problem today, not just because of its severity but also because most of these cases are hidden. A large number of senior citizens face abuse everyday either one way or the other. And most of the abusers are none other than their own family members. The voices of senior citizens are not heard because they are unable to stand up on their own and now it’s time we raise our voices against elder abuse. This is a call to all youths to unite and stand against elder abuse, a request to initiate small steps to minimize abuse happening daily, knowingly or unknowingly. Know that your parents/grandparents and any other senior citizens are an important part of the society and help them live a dignified life in their golden years.



In Nepal, although the ageing population is increasing rapidly, the awareness on the issue among the public has not been able to catch up. People are still unaware of the speed of population ageing, its effects, and challenges surrounding it. Unlike developed countries, a majority of the population still lives in rural areas without access to most of the information, and the population with access to such information does not seem to show interest in it as the nation has other important issues to deal with. A major problem for senior citizens in a developing country like Nepal is Negligence. There are no strong rules or acts against everyday domestic elder abuse, rights of senior citizen or any strong development efforts for ever increasing older population.

With this in mind, Reaping Hope aims to spread the information and raise awareness about the speed of population ageing, elder abuse, neglect and violence against older persons, and more generally, about the experience of being old in our changing world.

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Kaushila Maya Tamang, 64, of Bharapa, Panchthar was brutally killed for five anna gold on Saturday night by her daughter-in-law’s brother, Prakash Tamang of Chhatedhunga, Terhathum, said police. Prakash attacked her with a sharp weapon when she was asleep at night to take away the gold ornaments. Kaushila, who was living alone, was found dead on Sunday morning. Meanwhile, the Prakash confessed to the crime, said Inspector Gopal Dhakal.

Source: Himalayan News Service, January 14, 2013

Tej Kumari Koirala – 78, is a widow currently staying at an Old Age Home (OAH) named Nisahaya Sewa Sadan. She used to live in an OAH of Janakpur before she was brought to Kathmandu in 2010 by her kinfolks. She was born and raised in Pareli Dada – Dudhouli in Sindhuli District.

She has been living as a widow for the past 68 years. She was a victim of early childhood marriage back in her village. She remembers, back then in her place, child marriage was a normal thing. She got married at the age of 6 and at the age of 10, she lost her husband due to illness. After since, she accepted her fate to live as a widow for the rest of her life. She lived in her Maita (Maternal Home) for 52 years and at the age of 62, she was taken to the OAH in Janakpur. “The Madhesi (From Terai) people used to hate me just because I was the only Pahadi (from Hilly region) in that place”, she said. She was being neglected by the caretakers of Janakpur just because of that. She lived without proper care for 14 years and after that, she was brought to Kathmandu where she has been staying for the past 2 years. When asked how she spends her day in here, she answers, “My mornings pass by doing Puja (worshiping god) and most of the days I make Batti (used for lighting during Puja) during daytime.  We also have Bhajan (Prayers) everyday in the evening. “

Tej Kumari making Batti

 Image credit: Reaping Hope  

This is the latest volume of the monthly e-newsletter produced by Reaping Hope for the month of September, 2012. This newsletter includes compilation of news published in various National Daily newspapers of Nepal regarding the elderly people and issues relating them. With this newsletter we aim to raise our voice against the prevailing elder abuse in Nepal and all over the world. It is also a medium to put forward the scenario of senior citizens in our country.

RH hope this newsletter and all the information collected shall be effective learning medium to all our reader and successfully deliver the message against elder abuse.

View full newsletter: Standing Against Elder Abuse, September 2012

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