NEPAL adopted the Yogyakarta Declaration on Ageing and Health, on Tuesday, pledging to improve the national response to the health of ageing and aged populations. Health Minister Rajendra Mahato and Secretary Dr Prabin Mishra, representing Nepal, agreed to the declaration, along with 10 other World Health Organization (WHO) member states from South-East Asia, in a regional meeting being organised from September 4-7 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. The meet is being attended by WHO Director General Dr Margaret Chan, Regional Director for South-East Asia Dr Samlee Plianbangchang and health ministers of the WHO member states, according to a WHO press statement. The declaration underscores concern that the economic effects of ageing will impact health care and social support systems and require the attention of policy and decision makers, NGOs and the private sector, said the statement. Health Ministers from the region committed to a coherent, comprehensive and integrated approach to formulate, promote, develop and strengthen multi-sector national alliances for promoting healthy ageing and ensuring sufficient resources for programmes dealing with ageing and health, taking into consideration the economic aspects of long-term care for the aged, both at the facility and household levels.

Source: Kathmandu Post News Service, September 7, 2012